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  Registration Questions:
  How does the League assign my player to a particular program?
The primary tool for assigning players to programs is according to the player's address. Lincoln, and the surrounding community, are broken into eight districts represented by each of the eight programs. However, each program can only take a limited number of players, so players who register later cannot be guaranteed to play within their district.

Please remember that the League cannot provide players/parents with an answer as to which team they will be assigned. Districting boundaries are adjusted each season after nearly all registrations have been received in late July. It is not until that time that final team assignments are made.
When does my player find out what team they will be assigned to?
Check the calender of events link on the home page for important dates. The League mails out team assignment letters in early August, so you should receive yours by the first week of August. Players will receive a letter including information for their assigned team's Equipment Check-out date, time, and location.
How much does it cost to register?
The cost of registration is $235 per player. Registration runs from April 1st to July 21st, 2017. Districts may change and there is no guarantee of playing in the same Sponsor district. Participation is guaranteed to only the first 1,200 registrants. We are continuing one flat fee of $235 per player, no early registration discount is offered this year.
Scholarship Opportunities:
Limited Scholorships are available for qualifying families, please return completed application via email to
OR mail to: Lincoln Midget Football Inc PO Box 23065 Lincoln NE, 68542-3065
Download application here: HyperLink
What equipment does my player need to provide?
All players must provide the following: mouthguard, practice jersey, athletic supporter, and football cleats. The League provide the rest of the equipment, including: helmet, chin-strap, shoulder pads, game jersey, practice and game pants, and pant pads.
Can my player participate in Lincoln Midget Football and another football league at the same time?
Yes Lincoln Midget Football does not have a rule prohibiting players from participating in other leagues, such as flag or junior high football, at the same time as Lincoln Midget Football.
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